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The Muslim community in Britain has been severely divided over the recent years about the issues of moonsighting which is vital for the determination of the new Islamic month. This in turn affects the starting of Ramadan and the Days of Eid.

Although this is not a problem limited to the United Kingdom, it is more of an acute problem here due to the lack of a single reference or Leading Islamic Organisation in the UK.

In addition to the problem of when to start and end the month of Ramadan, we also have another issues, even more crucial, relating to the starting of prayer times. although insignificant during normal times, they have great implications during Ramadan, which are dependent upon the staring of Fajr. This is due to the problem of persistent twilight.

This site is intended to be an unbiased source which explains the issues looking at the proposed solutions critically and exposing flaws whilst accepting legitimate differences.

May Allah guide us all.