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For many years the Muslim community in the United Kingdom has had issues relating to the starting of Ramadan, and the dates upon which the two Eids fall.

There have been protocols established, but not agreed upon which has naturally lead to Ramadan being started and finished on different days, as well as the days of Eid being celebrated on different days. In many cases, mosques within the same town, and families who live together, have been divided on this issue.

Many mosques have opted to merely follow London Central Mosque, who in turn follow announcements from Saudi Arabia. However, with these announcements, there has been an increased amount of scrutiny with many specialists questioning the veracity of the announcements, and the basis upon which they are made. This has been compounded by the fact that astronomical information is now more freely available and in some cases seems to infer that sighting are not possible in the places and times they are claimed to have been made. This has lead to a concerted campaign to determine the manner in which the announcements are made in the UK.

Another related issue that has now developed is that of prayer times. We have now moved to a stage where Ramadan falls in the summer, and thus the starting of the prayer times is affected by persistent twilight. This has lead to the formulation of the UPT (Unified Prayer Times) which aims to unify the Muslims of UK and circumvent the issue of persistent twilight.

The basis upon which the UPT were established and imposed has lead to some questioning their validity, especially the entire notion that persistent twilight cannot be ignored by merely changing the prayer times.

This website aims to address both issues justly and aims to give a balanced view, without the unfortunate rumours and allegations that have started to creep in from both opposing camps.

The articles that are posted on this website are of related to the subject matter of this website, and may represent opposing views or may be from people or organisations who we do not endorse, and may well oppose. However, on the issue of moonsighting and Prayer times, if their view is relevant, we may post it for information purposes only.